Business Ownership transfers

It is often observed that small business owners pour most of their time and energy into growing their companies, neglecting what is perhaps the most vital issue of all: transition planning.

Transferring an established business to a family member, employee or another person is about much more than the numbers. It is a change that prompts owners to reflect on their own future, the future of their company and of course the decision as to who will lead it.

In short, business transfers can be complex, but meticulous planning can help maximize the company’s value, reduce taxes and protect family wealth.

The strategies chosen will depend on the specific situation of the business owner and should be deployed in collaboration with a team of professional consultants.

At Groupe Assura, we have had the opportunity to advise owners on transfers and monitor many such transactions during our careers. We are experienced coordinators and can ensure that all key resources converge towards the same objective.


Our advice can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful transfer.

It’s important to keep in mind that the human aspects are as vital as the financial ones, if not more so. When we sit down with you to discuss the transfer of your business, we’ll ask how you are before calculating how much you’re worth.