Business financing

Business financing

Because we enjoy a close business partnership with a group that specializes in middle market mergers and acquisitions, we are well equipped to provide the following financial services: 

  • Raising of capital or securing of financing through loans
  • Financing or loan/equity to meet needs of between $5 million and $50 million
  • Business development or acquisition by executives or external buyers.

We can help you prepare business plans, including needs assessment and the development of a financial roadmap, identification of financing and subsidy sources, the support required for the diligent audit of your books, and presentation of your actual and expected finances.

The sound financial management of your business will increase your credibility among your financial partners and in doing so will improve your chances of securing the financing you seek.

Businesses with a suitable financing structure are the ones most likely to succeed. Whether you are seeking conventional financing (line of credit, fixed-term loans), non-conventional financing (asset-based financing, subordinated debt, venture capital) or subsidies (tax credits, SR&ED), we have the expertise to meet your needs. Regardless of your project, we will optimize your efforts by producing the required documentation and closely following up with tax authorities, lenders and investors.

Have big plans? We have the financial leverage to help make them happen.